About Me


Do I have to?

I think we should talk about knitting instead. That’s something I feel more comfortable with and could ramble on about for quite some time (note to self: Ramblings on Mango Avenue would make a good blog name).

Hmmm? Am I qualified to talk about knitting?

Did I study in textiles at college? Nope.

Did I study art and design perhaps? Ummm, no.

Okay, so I’ve had a successful career in knitwear manufacturing, right? Wrong.

I remember being shown how to knit from about the age of five. Although there are no formal qualifications, between my mum and three elder sisters there was always something on the needles and they encouraged, guided, helped and yes, I admit, there were many projects they finished for me in those early years.

Swiftly moving on to the present day, knitting is still with me. Big time. It fascinates me that I can have two sticks, sometimes more, which I make dance with my hands, add a length of yarn into the mix and you end up with a piece of fabric. How cool is that?

And it’s not just any piece of fabric. It’s lace, or it’s Fair Isle, or it’s ribbed. Whatever it is, it’s personal. It’s been made by me.

Then I can change the dance routine, add in some new moves, and I have a shaped garment. No need to cut out the fabric to the required shapes; it’s already done. Voila!

I’ve been designing knitting patterns for my personal use for quite some time and decided to go public with Frank’s Blanket. I (and you) can blame Frank, our adorable chocolate, long-haired miniature dachshund, for inspiring me to go in the direction of Mango Avenue, by Yvonne Dutton Designs.

So by my reckoning I’ve put the hours in and am happy to share the knowledge and experiences I’ve picked up over the too many years I care to admit. If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading my ramblings.

Now a bit about me – just add good coffee and wine to the above.