Sonny’s Blanket

This week I’ll be finalising the pattern for Sonny’s Blanket.

I had a request from a customer asking if I would do a variation of Frank’s Blanket for a soon to be born baby. Part way through knitting Frank’s Blanket in neutral colours for the baby, she thought she’d also like to make another one with a variation and, I have to say, I was delighted that she got in touch.

I’d already thought about some other designs that I may put together at some point so there was no hesitation in me bringing this vague idea forward and making it a priority. Our conversation developed rapidly and with excitement; so many ooooohs and aaaaahs.

Using a soft, light yarn without the fluffy fibres I usually like to work with for colourwork was important to me when designing this for a baby. I like cottons so if Sonny decides the blanket is for chewing, as babies do, it’ll be safe for him. I love the colourways of Rowan Summerlite DK and will be using it in three combinations when the pattern is published and the kits are available.

The test knit is finished and will be returned to me this week so we’re almost there.

I’ll work on any tweaks that are needed (thank goodness for our wonderful test knitters), have photographs taken and plan to publish by the end of the week.

Then it’s a matter of waiting …

… for the arrival of Sonny.

Sonny’s Blanket

Hey, so the blanket is finished and the pattern Sonny’s Blanket is published but the best news of all – Sonny has arrived safe and sound. Welcome to the world, little Sonny x.