Temperature Blanket Update January

I’ve just finished the last square for this month and this is how my temperature blanket is looking so far.

The thing I find quite difficult is letting the temperature decide which colour goes where. Yes, I know that’s the idea but I think I’ve worked out that I struggle not to be in control!

And yet we’re only 31 days in and already I’m starting to chill about it – no pun intended. I’m enjoying the daily routine of checking the temperature, picking the wool, making a coffee and sitting down for half an hour to crochet the square and add it to the growing blanket. And I’ve come to relax about where the colours sit, actually liking the outcome for January.

I’m joining the squares diagonally which should give a flash of strong, warm colour through the centre (the eternal optimist hoping for good summer weather).

If you read my first ramblings on the temperature blanket you’ll know that it’s being made representing the temperature here in North Wales. Having read that post one of my wonderful test knitters suggested she do the same at her home in South Wales. We agreed to use the same yarn, colours and pattern so at the end of the year we have a direct comparison.